Al-Shifa Journal of Ophthalmology Policy Document


  1. Scope and Purpose: The Al-Shifa Journal of Ophthalmology (ASJO) is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of ophthalmology through the publication of high-quality research articles, reviews, case reports, and other scholarly works. The purpose of this policy document is to outline the guiding principles, procedures, and standards that govern the publication process of ASJO.

  2. Editorial Independence: ASJO upholds editorial independence and integrity in all decision-making processes. The editorial team, comprising the Editor-in-Chief, Editor, Managing Editor is responsible for making editorial decisions based on the scientific merit, relevance, and originality of submitted manuscripts, without undue influence from external parties.

  3. Plagiarism Check and Analysis: An article submitted in ASJO has to pass through the Initial editorial review which includes scope, plagiarism check, statistical review, IRB letter. It further sent to subject specialist for review and analysis check. Article submission and further correspondence is done using

  4. Peer Review Process: All manuscripts submitted to ASJO undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure the validity and quality of published articles. Manuscripts are reviewed by experts in the relevant field, and their feedback is used to assess the scientific rigor, methodology, significance, and ethical considerations of the research. ASJO follows a double-blind peer review system to maintain impartiality and confidentiality throughout the review process.

  5. Publication Ethics: ASJO adheres to the highest ethical standards in publishing and expects authors, reviewers, and editorial staff to uphold principles of integrity, transparency, and honesty. Authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, obtain necessary permissions for the use of copyrighted material, and ensure the accuracy and validity of their research findings. Plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification of data are strictly prohibited and may result in rejection or retraction of submitted manuscripts.

  6. Open Access Policy: ASJO is committed to promoting open access to scientific knowledge by providing free and unrestricted access to published articles. Authors retain copyright of their work and grant ASJO the right to publish and disseminate their articles. This allows others to freely distribute, remix, and build upon the published work, provided proper attribution is given to the original author(s).

  7. Confidentiality and Privacy: ASJO respects the confidentiality and privacy of authors, reviewers, and readers. Personal information collected during the submission and review process is handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of manuscript evaluation and communication with stakeholders. Reviewers are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding the content of submitted manuscripts and refrain from disclosing any confidential information.

  8. Correction and Retraction: ASJO recognizes its responsibility to rectify errors and address concerns related to published articles in a timely and transparent manner. Authors are encouraged to notify the editorial office of any significant errors or inaccuracies discovered in their published work, and appropriate corrections or retractions will be issued following editorial review and verification.

  9. Compliance with Guidelines: ASJO complies with established publishing guidelines and standards, including those set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and relevant industry organizations. Authors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and ensure compliance with ethical and reporting standards in their submissions.

  10. Policy Review and Revision: This policy document is subject to periodic review and revision to reflect evolving practices, ethical standards, and industry developments. Amendments to the policy will be communicated to stakeholders and implemented accordingly to uphold the integrity and quality of ASJO publications.

By adhering to the principles outlined in this policy document, ASJO aims to maintain its reputation as a trusted source of scholarly research in the field of ophthalmology and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge for the benefit of the global community.